Electromechanical actuator test bench

Linear actuator demonstrator This is used to monitor data on position, speed and force. -> Project under the European Smarfix programme, to promote the manufacture of smart, flexible and interconnecter

Palletizing for a three-dimensional machine

Palletized manual loading with external flipping system and pneumatic fixture on a table for measurement of carcasses in a three-dimensional machine. On the assembly and flipping table there is a

Bereiker has obtained the exclusive representation of ORTLIEB actuators for SPAIN and PORTUGAL.

En Bereiker estamos orgullosos de ofrecer a nuestros clientes  una nueva familia de productos con la incorporación de ORTLIEB. ORTLIEB es un contrastado fabricante con más de 100 años de

NEW OFFICE IN THE AIC (Automotive Intelligence Center)

BEREIKER opens a new office in the AIC in Amorebieta. As a new step for a continuous improvement of the competitiveness through the innovation and cooperation, Bereiker installs also itself

BEREIKER takes part once more as an exhibitor in the next edition of the BIEMH

BEREIKER will exhibit one year more during the fair BIEMH, which will take place from the  30th of May until the 4th of June 2016 in the Bilbao Exhibition Centre.

Bereiker, in the European Vanguard of the Industry 4.0

Bereiker leads on of the proyects inside the European initiative INTEFIX (www.intefix.eu), which includes intelligent systems of clamping tools in machining processes. The partnership  INTEFIX, consisting of more than 30

The catalogue “The Big Green Book”…. In spanish version for the first time!

The new version 2016 has also been published in spanish version for the first time by Norelem, helping sales and purchase departments or technicians to read and understand technical words

New pavilion Hydrokomp

Following the strategic plan of the German company HYDROKOMP to expand the range of products and shorten delivery times, it is expanding production capacity with a