Burnishing machine

Portable burnishing machine for reworking train axles

Press retrofitting

Conversion of fixed press table to mobile table Incorporation of table removal system with cilynders

Tool for fixture of large size valves

-> For subsequent machining Suitable for 40 different valve types Quick change

Palletizing for a three-dimensional machine

Manual double palletizing system with pneumatic table elevation for subsequent three-dimensional measurement

Transfer handler

Process precision, speed and control  Three fundamental aspects in the transfer of parts. Bereiker’s servo transfer, with point-to-point tracking of the movement of the press, uninterruptedly regulates the processes of

Tool for fixture + movement of valves

For subsequent three-dimensional measurement. A single tool for fixture, moving and subsequent measurement of 26 different valve references In collaboration with:

Tool for obtaining a cloud of laser points

Servo-controlled tool (2 linear axles and 1 rotation axle) for obtaining a laser point cloud and subsequent machining based on reading -> Project under the European INTEFIX  programme, in which Bereiker