Press retrofitting

Removable table Conversion of fixed press table to mobile table

Automatic store + feeder

Optimizes the space occupied in the plant 5400mm high 2 shelving units with 16 tray each Load capacity: 3000kg sheet per tray Also adaptable to other formats: tubes, parts, dies…

Palletizing for rectifier

Double pallet exchanger Change cycle: <5min Maximum precision: centring repeatability <0,005mm Plate dimensions: 900x140mm Load capacity: 3 to 5 tons Control of fixture, support and de-fixture Interconnection with machine

Palletizing for bridge milling cutter with mobile table

Palletizing for bridge milling cutter 2 pallet system Change cycle: <5min Pallet dimensions: 2500x1500x90mm Load capacity: up to 3 tons Control of fixture, support and defixture. Interconnection  with machine

Palletizing for a three-dimensional machine

Palletizing of manual load with 3 wait stations and pneumatic fixture on the table -> For disc control In collaboration with:

Electromechanical actuator test bench

Linear actuator demonstrator This is used to monitor data on position, speed and force. -> Project under the European Smarfix programme, to promote the manufacture of smart, flexible and interconnecter

Palletizing for a three-dimensional machine

Palletized manual loading with external flipping system and pneumatic fixture on a table for measurement of carcasses in a three-dimensional machine. On the assembly and flipping table there is a