Standard mechanical elements. Wide range of normalized components + technical advice.

SERAPID – Rigid chain

Specialist in the lifting and transfer of loads. They stand out for their robustness, compactness, low maintenance and their capacity to resist to harsh environments.


Different components to place, align, clamp or move tools in stamping processes; die transfer equipment. Quick die change. Rollers and ball ramps, bolster extensions, clamps, push-pull systems, horizontal loading positioning tables, die carriers and stackers…


Pneumatic clamping elements for stamping. Automation of transfer press processes. Ultralight pincers.


Customized casting solutions for fixation, measurement and control techniques. Precission and accuracy of tolerances.


Fixing and quick change systems. Dock-lock zero point cylinders: make posible the change of tools or pieces in a few seconds. Vischer and Bolli has also a catalogue of squares, modular systems, cubes, base plates…


Hydraulic components, coupling systems and clamping technology. Hydraulic cylinders (rotary cylinders, block cylinders, threaded body cylinders, rotary unions, rotary fittings…


Solutions for handling and turning dies.  Die splitters: make easier the installation, adjustment and review of dies. Clamping, turning and unlock in less than 2min. The clamping of dies can be mechanic, hydraulic or magnetic. Capacity from 2ton up to 60ton.


Automated lubrication solutions for stamping processes. Spray systems without mist .


Manual clamps and pneumatic clamps.  Maximum fixture, push, pull force, … with minimum effort.. Plastic handles resistant to hits and oil. Suitable for medichal and food sectors. The closing mechanism prevents accidental opening, which also makes them suitable for vibration or shock applications.


High pressure technology. Compressed air pumps with double piston able to resist up to 7000 pression bar. Compact design and easy maintenance. High pressure valves and connections able to resist up to 10.5000bar.


Electric cylinders. The alternative to hydraulic technology. Capacity to resist up to 100kN force and 313mm/s speed. Robust design based on planetarygear technology.


Smart adaptative clamping systems.  Different modules adaptable to each other that fix workpieces in a few seconds.


Positioning equipment and dividing devices.


Expandable mandrels and high precision clamps with the possibility of manual, pneumatic or hydraulic operation. With the expandable mandrels the parts can be fixed by the internal diameter of the part and also by the outer diameter.


Milling products. Frontal, angular end mills, for gliding, disk, chamfering tools, tools for molds and dies, drills for perforating with plate …


Clamping solutions. Wide range:  From high-pressure clamps for conventional milling machines to complex clamping solutions for flexible machining centers.


Mandreling tools. Finishing heads, modular fixture systems … It offers a full range of high quality mandreling.


Multiple fixture system of high precision parts. Enables several pieces of different shapes and sizes to be held in the same jaw.


Hydraulic clamping components for flexible manufacturing systems. Enerpac elements are characterized by its very high tension force, precision and quality.


Magnetic clamping systems and magnetic accessories. Applicable in machine tool, for the fast change of molds in presses of high temperature, for the handling of ferrous materials …