For 45 years, SERAPID has been designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of telescopic and linear actuators. Its field of application is focused on the moving of loads, linear transfers and lifting systems, in all areas of industrial activity.


These telescopic actuators are designed on the simple mechanical principle of the Rigid Chain, which allows the transfer of loads from a few kilograms to several hundred tonnes. This technology is based on the locking and unlocking of connected, linked elements. When lifting a load, the specially shaped chain links interlock with each other, forming a rigid bar or column. When lowered, the links unlock, allowing it to bend to store into a compact package.

Our rigid chain technology combines the strengths of other transfer methods, such as hydraulics, belts or spindle screws, and at the same time it eliminates their weaknesses:

  • High speeds with permanent lubrication in oil bath (HD Lift version)
  • A robust design allowing a long service life and the use in harsh environments: clean-room conditions, dust, temperature, humidity, radiation
  • Repeatable positioning in the millimetre range, even at high speed
  • Designed for low vibration and noise
  • ATEX certified, category II 2GD c T4
  • Maintains position with no drift.
  • Specific applications on request: stainless steel, suitable surface treatment, specific heat treatment
  • Options and accessories: limit switch, encoder, protective bellow, interface, special hub, output shaft

Either steel or plastic, from a range of products; standard or custom, from a few kilos to over 100tons, with a stroke of up to several dozen metres, SERAPID creates solutions to meet its customers’ needs.


High-performance products to meet every application regarding specific environments: Elevators, scissor lift, platform lifting, container transfer, roof opening and bay windows, oven loading, palletising of gas cylinders, telescopic mast, pusher, self-propelled trolley and rail trolley with integrated pusher are just few examples of SERAPID applications.