Multiple fixture system of high precision parts. Enables several pieces of different shapes and sizes to be held in the same jaw, which makes it possible to replace and improve the performance of traditional jaws. The system is mechanical and rapidly adjustable, where each fixture module is used both to reference the part and to fix the following part. This system also allows a self-centring fixture and offers the possibility of machining on 5 sides.

It consists of

  • Double function fixture modules:
  1. Reference for the fixture of the next part.
  2. Fastening by means of a mobile 4 mm run clamp that exerts frontal and vertical force, avoiding symmetrical fixture.
  • Rails with holes or teeth based on the NONIUS / VERNIER effect to ensure precise positioning with respect to the zero program.
  • Distance between positions: 1, 2 or 2.5 mm depending on the system used.

- Fixture for a larger number of parts in less space.
- Less change of tools and therefore shorter cycle.
- Easy to handle: light and easy to clean.
- Fixture of small parts and large plates with the same jaw.
- Wide variety of fixture modules and accessories.

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