Clamps for standard as well as for exceptional working environments. Clamping and unclamping of dies is automatic or rquires only minimal manual intervention

Fixed clamps

Only for standard size dies

Fixed clamps for standard working environments

Fixed clamps for exceptional working environments

In detail:

Removable clamps

They are manually inserted. Ideal to handle non-standard situations.

Removable clamps for standard working environments

Removable clamps for exceptional working environments

In detail:

Automatic fixture of dies to press carts for different die widths or die plates.

Special characteristics:

  • High operational safety by monitoring signals and automatic programming of the sequence of movements.
  • Suitable for installation in new equipment or existing machines.
  • Does not require standardization of dies (width and depth).
  • Optimum use of the press cart area.
  • Can be used for automatic and centralised operation of all fixture elements.
Roller bars

For lineal movement. For heavy dies.

The rolling bars are available in DIN 650 sizes from 18 to 36, and they are available in mechanical and hydraulic lifting.

Ball bars

They allow a more flexible and accurate positioning. The die can be moved in any direction and at any angle. Useful for smaller dies.

We have a complete catalogue of standard consoles:

Hanging consoles (LCP)

Capacity: up to 4 ton

Transportable consoles (LCS)

Removable and transportable (with wheels)
Capacity: up to 10 ton

Folding consoles (LCP)

Fixed in press, foldable
Capacity: up to 10 ton (From 8 ton a support leg must be included)

Asymmetric folding consoles (LCPGA)

Fixed in the press, foldable
Capacity: up to 10ton (From 8ton a suppor leg must be included)

Some images:

In addition to the standars catalogue, there is the possibility of developing special consoles:

Motorized (by pulley, by belt, by rigid chain pusher…)
Capacity: up to 50ton

Hydraulic control units for driving the fixture cylinders and die lifting and rolling strips. They can be used for all kinds of tests and fastening or for other functions that require a particular pressure.

In addition to the standard hydraulic units, there is the possibility of adapting them to other functions. Custom design.

See data sheet of hydraulic groups

For automatic introduction and extraction of dies in the press

2 installation possibilities:

  • Fixed in the press
  • Abroad the press: above the consoles or above any other structure

T-Track and L-Track systems for quick change of dies

Bespoke solutions, available for different sizes of die up to 50ton



Specific solutions for very heavy dies:

  • GPO trolley (up to 12 tons)
  • Detachable TPCH accessory (up to 4 tons)
  • Specific versions of GPO trolley (up to 10 tons)
  • Trolley with single driver position (up to 30 tons)
  • Trolley with double driver position max. 2×2. (5 tons.)
  • Manual trolley (up to 2 tons)


We reequip presses by conversion of fixed tables to mobile tables.