In the field of machining, the projects rely on various clamping systems that allow within a short period of time the profitability of investments in machining centers (including milling, drilling…) and turning machine centers. We cover the main sectors such as the automotive industry, aerospace industry, railway industry, wind energy industry and machine tool industry. We realize several fixtures: very small fixtures, as well as fixtures for work pieces up to 15 meters.
Multiple Clamping of Work Pieces
High precision multiple clamping system allows to clamp several work pieces of different shape and size in one single vice (allowing replacing and improving of traditional vice functions). The system is mechanical and quickly adjustable, in which each clamping module can be used both to reference the piece and to clamp the next piece. This system also allows carrying out a self-alignment clamping and offering the possibility of 5-sided mechanization, as well as equipping of vertical machinery with horizontal dividers.
Quick Change of Fixtures/Work Pieces

Quick change of fixtures or work pieces with centering cylinders and clamping cylinders “zero point”, in order to avoid machine downtimes and reduce changeover times. Repeatability of +/- 0.005 mm. Applicable in various types o processes and machinery.
Palletizing System
Palletizing systems for the machine tool sector (mainly used in machining centers and vertical lathes). Automation of small dimension pallets and high-tonnage tables, including interconnection with the machine (with automatic start up signals and end of cycle signals, support control, etc.).
Clamping Fixtures

Design and manufacturing of tailor-made fixtures, according to customer requirements (mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic fixtures). We integrate various distributed products into our projects, in order to standardize the fixtures as much as possible.

We manufacture very small and high precision fixtures, as well as large dimension fixtures (up to 20 meters). The fixtures can be used for various purposes: machining of work pieces, welding, dimensional control, etc.


Modular Fixtures
Modular fixtures to clamp work pieces of different shapes and sizes by using the same elements. Plates, cubes and angle plates with high precision locator grid are used to achieve the required positioning. Is an optimal system to manufacture prototypes in machining centers, since it can be used the same elements for different work pieces.