The quick change and security are the goals of stamping and die manufacturing companies. Quick change systems include the transfer of dies into the machine, loading and unloading and quick clamping of them (bolster extensions, push-pull-systems, cylinders, changing stations with chain drive…) as well as corresponding equipment for the maintenance of dies and their following storing.

Quick die change will completed with the automation of various processes, such as:

  1. Clamping, transfer and handling of different work pieces by using flanges and pneumatic clamps.
  2. Spraying and lubrication systems (lubrication with mistless spraying) which provide a comprehensive solution.
Quick Die Change Systems

Clamping systems and quick die change systems which can be adapted to the production system “Just in Time”, just manufacture the necessary components in the due time.

Our quick change systems contain:

  • Die transfer into the press machine, loading and unloading and quick clamping of them.
  • Equipment for the maintenance of dies and molds, and their following storing.

It consists of:

  • Hydraulic clamps (fixed, moveable, regulable…).
  • Lifting bars (rollers, balls…).
  • Consoles (hanging, transportable, swivel…).
  • Push-Pull-Systems by rigid chain technology.
  • Hydraulic units and control systems.
  • Carts or tables for the die change process.
  • Die inspection tables and die splitters for the maintenance.
Transfer Systems for Press Machinery

Bereiker Group is developing transfer systems for transfer presses. With a wide range of structural and standard elements will offer a solution for the handling of metal sheets between the dies. Bereiker Group services comprise design, manufacturing and adjustment in the customer’s premises.

Exclusive technical features:

  • High clamping force.
  • Small dimensions and reduced weight.
  • Double thickness control.
  • Anti-detachment.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Rolling system.
  • Monobloc body in mechanized steel.
Handling Grips (Loading-Unloading) and Welding

We dispose of structural elements that form robot grips. These robot grips are used in applications like welding, loading-unloading of metal sheets in press machinery and all kinds of handling.

Exclusive technical features:

  • High clamping force.
  • Reduced dimensions.
  • Adjustment in 6 degrees of freedom.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Rolling system.
  • Built-in connections without flow regulators.
  • Monobloc body in mechanized steel
Lubrication Systems via Mistless Spraying

Lubrication systems via mistless spraying for various stamping processes and a wide range of viscosities. It includes the band lubrication during the entrance of the metal sheet into the press and specific operations inside and outside of the press machinery. We also dispose of a complete range of industrial lubricants for metal working in various processes such as: conventional cutting, precision cutting, fine blanking, deep drawing, bending, threading…

Die Splitters

Die splitters for a quick, precise and reliable assembly. Simplify the installation, adjustment and review of dies. The die clamping system can be mechanical, hydraulic and even magnetic. We dispose of a wide range of die splitters, from 2 Tons up to 60 Tons.